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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
11:53 pm

hey james. i wanted to get in touch with you before moving, but i never got your new number. hope things are going well for you. i don't miss my house or some of my family, but i miss my car a lot. my lack of mobility has kept me in a very lonely place.

keep in touch. my cell number is still the same.

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
10:01 pm

So glad you're feeling better now, James. :) I called you last time to see what happened with the parental units, but we didn't get to talk... call me when you have the chance and update me!

In other news, I'm thinking about throwing a little dinner get-together with a small group of us. It'll be the first weekend in August, right before I leave for Berkeley on the 6th or 7th. Let me know if you can make it... you can bring your girlfriend, too. (How do you spell it? Theresa? Teresa?)

current mood: hungry

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3:04 pm - better days

better days are here oh yeah
better days are here oh yeah
hurray for better days
because there's nothing to fear



back on track with lots of stuff out of the way. finally got my car back and things are looking wAyYyy up!!!!

for the first time in months, i'm actually looking FORWARD to the future.

oh yeah, happy anniversary to me (exactly one month today i got my first kiss from theresa)

current mood: ecstatic

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Saturday, June 28th, 2003
4:45 pm - AgHhhhhh!! Help Me!!

aghhhhhh, i hit a rock while driving and now i have an oil leak. my life sucks! =(

current mood: aggravated

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Monday, June 23rd, 2003
12:55 am - hey phuong

hey phuong, i'm at her apartment now. =) i thought about what you said and then went to the city library in the front steps (one of my many "thinking" places), and some bum came up to me. he told me that whatever my "problems" were, i should just let them go. "sometimes you just gotta step on the gas and let go of the steering wheel."

so i decided. i will leave my past behind me. i won't be scared anymore. i will see where the currents of life take me. and i will find myself again... with her.

current mood: determined

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
8:21 am - jumbled up feelings

so the date we planned on monday night was canceled. but i did spend the night at her apartment with her.

i don't want to mention any details on lj. but yeah, my feelings for her are pretty confusing. i feel like there's a million parts of me who want to do a million different things.

sometimes i have to ask myself: do i really like her? most of me comes up with a yes answer, but for some reason, there is a part of me that says "i dunno." is this how it's like to start a relationship with a friend... a pretty close friend i would say. perhaps too close?

am i scared?

that's only the tip of the iceburg.

current mood: confused

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Monday, June 16th, 2003
12:03 pm

You know, James, when you told me why you didn't get any sleep last night, I couldn't help but smile. It reminded me of a sleepless night I had once, almost a year ago.

I remember how I couldn't wipe that ridiculous grin off my face. :D

You're gonna have a great date, James. I know so. Cuz almost nothing can get you down after you've had a night like that. :)

current mood: amused

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Sunday, June 15th, 2003
6:51 pm - KEESH MEEH


current mood: loved

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Thursday, June 5th, 2003
10:42 pm - haha

no wonder my eyesight is so bad.

current mood: blank

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
10:42 am


current mood: geeky

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4:32 am - why wait?

i'm gonna miss you too. but i'll definitely visit.

we'll make sushi, get an in n' out 8x8, and get ourselves some lesbian porn.

hell why not make the 8x8 and the lesbian porn too?

oh wait, i remember how the girls look like in berkeley. man no wonder you want to live with guys!

current mood: chipper

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003
11:11 am


Lesbian porn, sushi, and an 8x8 combo with a 3-pound weight loss.

Ahh, the memories.

I'll miss you when I move. If you visit, we'll have lesbian porn and the sushi. I'll see if I can find the In-n-Out. We'll relive the best memories. :D

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8:13 am - losing weight

the new hollywood diet (phuong style):

go to in n out and order an 8x8 combo.
eat the whole thing (with fries).
drink dr. pepper (yes people dr. pepper, and not diet dr. pepper either). make sure you get at least 2 refills.

lose 3 lbs in 3 days guarenteed! (results may vary)

current mood: amused

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Sunday, May 11th, 2003
7:20 pm

Dear James,

Thanx for taking me to In-n-Out (I almost typed "In-n-POut"!) and Borders last night! I had a really good time... good times, good times.

I was looking through my LJ memories section just now and found this entry from our LJ. And I can't really tell you how much it touched me at the time and how much it still touches me now.



I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

current mood: touched

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Thursday, May 8th, 2003
3:39 pm - happy birthday

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear phuong
happy birthday to you

pout. you're twenty now.

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Saturday, April 12th, 2003
10:44 pm - sushi dream

okay, so i had this dream about an hour ago (i just woke up from my nap), and i HAD to tell you.

i had this dream where i was at a sushi cafeteria (don't look at me, it's just a dream) and you and your dad were working! you were making the sushi and your dad was the cashier. anyway, you were making square sushi and heart-shaped ones. i got to the front of the line, your dad took one look at me, and gave me the SQUARE SHAPED ones instead of 2 heart shaped and 2 square ones like everyone else!

pout, your dad hates me!

current mood: full

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Sunday, April 6th, 2003
11:35 pm - very funny

hardy har har

current mood: amused

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6:57 pm - I had a lot of fun last Friday, too!

I had a really good time, James. I just wish I could've stayed to watch One Hour Photo, too. Maybe next time I visit, I'll bring my sushi maker so Jon can have heart-shaped sushi from me. You can have the square-shaped ones. :D

current mood: okay

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thanks for visiting on friday, thanks for making sushi, and thanks for watching forty days and forty nights with me.

i'm sorrie that you had to go home late that night. but yeah, i hope you had fun too.


current mood: mellow

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
7:58 am - jealous?

new apartment... with jon. OoOohhh...

current mood: energetic

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Monday, March 17th, 2003
5:29 pm - 3 down 1 more to go

chem down, bio down, and today, physics down.

just one more to go...

and then mcats. sigh*

wish me luck on finals.

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Friday, March 14th, 2003
9:52 pm - Hamster.


This is her "Give-me-a-freaking-peanut-NOW" face.

I totally want to build her a play box! With all the tubes and chambers and digging area and all the fixin's! I'll buy some of the supplies when we go hamster shopping. :)

current mood: amused

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Wednesday, March 12th, 2003
3:54 pm - a few things...

hey phuong... my parents came over to look over the apts that i wanted to rent out. i had four apartments in mind... and i ranked them in order of what i wanted the most to what i wanted the least. and guess what, they chose apartment #4!!! it was the apartment closest to school, but it also has a low countertop (because it's handicap accessible), kinda small, and the MOST expensive. but yeah, i guess it has to do. i have to get a quick okay from jon by today, but things are going pretty smoothly. i can move out in two weeks.

anyway, i'm thinking about starting a new journal (inspired by Intern Blues by Robert Marion, MD). i'm going to make it totally anonymous about the lifestyle of a premed/med/future doctor/student... yada yada yada.

and maybe another livejournal about the hamster i'm getting. lol...

current mood: optimistic

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Sunday, March 9th, 2003
10:42 pm - SUPER hamster cage

just one word: scary


i'd like to see your hamster cage outdo that!

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1:18 am

hamsters, hamsters, hamsters!

don't worry, james, we'll find the perfect "joyce" for you. :D (if it's a guy, maybe you should name it "J".)

hey james?

i miss you, too!

hurry up with finals so we can go hamster shopping together! :D

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