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a few things...

hey phuong... my parents came over to look over the apts that i wanted to rent out. i had four apartments in mind... and i ranked them in order of what i wanted the most to what i wanted the least. and guess what, they chose apartment #4!!! it was the apartment closest to school, but it also has a low countertop (because it's handicap accessible), kinda small, and the MOST expensive. but yeah, i guess it has to do. i have to get a quick okay from jon by today, but things are going pretty smoothly. i can move out in two weeks.

anyway, i'm thinking about starting a new journal (inspired by Intern Blues by Robert Marion, MD). i'm going to make it totally anonymous about the lifestyle of a premed/med/future doctor/student... yada yada yada.

and maybe another livejournal about the hamster i'm getting. lol...
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